Rhiannon Harris

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Born and bred in Africa, Rhiannon’s long-time passion for plants and for Nature led her to leave her nursing career in 1989 to study and practice aromatherapy. Originally UK trained in the Anglo-Saxon holistic style of essential oil use, she then extended her studies, practice and experience to include the French style of Aromatic Medicine when she moved to France in 1997.

Based in the mountains of Provence, Rhiannon hosts summer residential intensives in clinical aromatherapeutics for qualified herbalists and aromatherapists and organises private aromatic tours of her region. She also travels internationally to teach.

Rhiannon is editor of the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy as well as host and organiser of Botanica2012 and 2014; international conferences for promoting herbal medicine and clinical aromatherapy, held at Trinity College Dublin. She is director of Essential Oil Resource Consultants (France) which provides research, education and information in the field of essential oils. Her passions include sharing how essential oils can be effectively integrated into clinical environments and fostering closer exchanges and collaborations between the herbal and aromatherapy professions.