2017 Programme



Time Activity Details
7-7.30pm Registration In the main building. Please bring with you the email PayPal receipt, or at least the email address that you used to purchase your ticket so that we can register you correctly.

There will be no food available on Friday night on site, so please plan accordingly.

7.30pm Opening Circle Conference Room in the main building
 8.00pm Breakout Session 1
  1. Sherrie Scott (LaughterYoga),
  2. Beverley Grey (Boreal Herbalist),
  3. Radical Herbalists Collective (Grassroots herbalism in UK),
  4. Lorna Mauney-Brodeck (Pay It Forward Medicine making)
10pm Time for bed…  ..or sampling the delights of Cork city!


Time Speaker Talk/Workshop
8.30-9.30pm Julie Bruton-Seal /Sarah Fox Herb walk/Yoga
9.30 – 10pm Registration  In the main building
10pm Fred Gilliam

Integrating Medicinal Mushrooms into the Herbal Practice

Speaking both as a folk herbalist and joint organiser of the UK Medicinal Mushroom Conference, Fred will talk about some of the latest research into the applications of medicinal mushrooms and how simple preparations made from mushrooms have become vitally important in the community herbal practice that he runs with his partner Natascha. For more information check out Fred’s article in “The Herbalist” September 2016 edition.

11.30pm Time for a cuppa! In the canteen and bedouin stretch tent outside the main building. Outside if the weather is nice!

There will be a selection of coffee, teas and cordials plus power snacks at break times.

Don’t forget to bring something to sit on for meal times – a yoga mat, cushion or folding chair.

12pm Rosemary Gladstar

The Art of Medicinal Herb Formulation

Combing herbs into effective formulas for health and healing is both an art and a science and requires certain skills and a lot of practice. Yet it’s easy to master once one has the tools. In this workshop, rosemary will share the method she uses to teach people how to become ‘Master Formulators’ and the skills needed to create wonderfully effective medicinal herbal blends.

1.30pm Lunch Served in the marquee outside the main building. 

Again, you will need something to sit on for meal times – a yoga mat, cushion or folding chair.

2.30pm Kirsten Hale
Complex Trauma and Our Work With Plants
Kirsten will offer a concise explanation of Complex Trauma, from both personal and cultural origins, as well as some helpful ways to think of trauma energetically in the body. Understanding the patterns of complex trauma can allow us to offer those we serve with herbal protocols and experiences less likely to re-traumatize. We will discuss long held tension patterns, anxiety and some key physiological concerns of folks with complex trauma. 
4pm Another cuppa! As before
4.30pm Ross Hennessy Introducing HerbFeast 2018
4.45pm Breakout session 2
  1. Radical Herbalists Collective (Grassroots herbalism in UK)
  2. Local Irish Projects – John Maher (St Anne’s Physick Garden) & Ross Hennessy (Irish Herbal Dispensary)
  3. Eleni (Community herbalism in Greece)
  4. Kevin Orbell-McSean (Colourful characters from Herbal History)
5.45pm Break  
6pm Dinner  
7pm Lisa, Rosemary, Marie, Nikki, Gina and Julie Panel discussion on women’s health
8.30pm   Herbal Jeopardy and social                               Make your way to the Metropole Hotel (on MacCurtain St) for a 9pm start


Time Speaker Talk/Workshop
9-10pm Fred Gilliam/Sarah Fox Herb walk/Yoga
10pm Thomas Easley
The Gut in Disharmony
 Our gut houses 100 trillion cells that are not us. In fact there is more in us and on us, that’s not us, than us. The average person is not selective about the parts of the outside world they take in, which results in an exceptionally high presentation of GI disorders. This is where dysbiosis, or microbial imbalance, begins.

In this talk, we will focus in on identifying and treating a few of the most common causes of generalized gut dysbiosis, with a focus on small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), and small intestinal fungal overgrowth (SIFO). In addition we will cover a comprehensive strategy for treating GERD and functional dyspepsia.

11.30pm Time for a cuppa! As per Saturday
12pm Gina McGarry

Brighid Was A Herbalist – Weaving the Green Web

A “walk” around the Medicine Wheel, discussing the 4 Elements and corresponding herbs and languages, weaving our connections to the Plant People and the path of Herbalism ever more closely.

1.30pm Lunch Served in the marquee outside the main building. 

Again, you will need something to sit on for meal times – a yoga mat, cushion or folding chair.

2.30pm Regional link-up  Herbies near you!
 3pm  Alex Duffy Opening The Door to Communicating with Nature

An experiential workshop exploring the pathway and processes of plant medicine in its natural context; an exchange between beings.

4.30pm Closing ceremony  Until next year…