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The Community of Irish Herbalists

Community of Irish Herbalists (CIH) Mission Statement

1. The Community of Irish Herbalists (CIH) is an independent ad hoc group whose task is to promote herbal medicine through the annual event known as HerbFeast.

2. The CIH is neither owned by nor is it a subsidiary of any professional herbal body or professional CAM organisation or any other external organisation; nor can it be in the future.

3. The steering committee of the CIH is open to herbal practitioners, students of herbal medicine and those who are passionate about herbs – no qualification is necessary to be part of the steering committee.

4. The steering committee shall be appointed annually and it’s task shall be to organise the following year’s HerbFeast, as well as the following AGM and appointment of the new steering committee, and any other meetings that may be necessary from time to time in the organisation of HerbFeast and related activities.

5. The steering committee shall consist of 2 key organisational figures who will be responsible for overseeing and administration of each annual event; and any others members as they see fit.

6. HerbFeast can be held at different venues annually so no particular place can claim ‘ownership’ of the event. However, if agreed upon HerbFeast can be held at the same venue many times.

7. The CIH is the owner of the HerbFeast name, logos and website – no individual or group outside of the CIH has any influence, or can lay claim or ownership to any aspect of HerbFeast.



Plant Medicine


Work shops

Herb Walks

And lots of Laughter

8. The CIH steering committee is responsible for all financial transactions, bank accounts and annual statement of accounts which must be delivered at the AGM every year.

9. The CIH steering committee, members and associates shall behave in a manner befitting a professional organisation and shall not bring disrepute on HerbFeast, or upon any individual or any organisation and shall do business according to best practice with the intention of promoting excellence.

10. Venues or parties interested in hosting HerbFeast event must apply in writing to the CIH at least one year in advance, and put forward at least one candidate for the steering committee.

11. The CIH shall be composed of those involved in the organisation or who attend meetings in relation to HerbFeast – decisions will be based on consensus or otherwise put to the vote of members present at meetings.

12. The CIH shall be responsible for providing information, upkeep of websites, and advertising of the Herbfeast Event.


Herbfeast 2024 will be held in Wells House & Gardens in County Wexford

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