2016 Programme

The 2016 programme is finalised.
Our list of speakers are: Lorna Mauney Brodek, Jane Wallwork-Gush,
Anne-Marie O’ Reilly, Vilma Matuleviciute, Danny O’Rawe, Kevin Orbell McSean

Lorna Mauney Brodek
Building Community Health through Herbalism

We will use the Herbalista Free Clinic Project as a model to explore topics such as: building a stronger health network through community outreach and education, creative ways of improving a free clinic’s economic viability, and mobile medicine as a means of expanding treatment capacity for rural and underserved communities.

Jane Wallwork-Gush
Botanicals, Quality & the Importance of Organoleptics

Jane will explain the aspects of quality control of herbs in industry, specifically, the importance of using organoleptic techniques in assessing quality. There will be samples of good and poor quality herbs to work with in a practical way in order to to demonstrate organoleptic techniques and principles in practice. Organoleptic testing is the analysis of the properties and quality of products and materials, in our case herbal material, by means of the sense organs; using the virtues of taste, smell, appearance (both macro and micro), and touch.

Anne Marie Reilly
Herbal and Nutritional approaches to the treatment of PCOS

Orthodox medicine has little to offer in terms of safe, effective treatments for women with PCOS, particularly those who wish to become pregnant, while herbal medicine is an effective approach to treatment in many cases. This presentation will include: Energetic and biomedical approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of PCOS; Understanding and interpreting blood and other diagnostic tests to help guide treatment strategies; and herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle approaches to treatment, including strategies to address hormone imbalance, insulin resistance, obesity, acne, hirsutism and infertility.

Kevin Orbell McSean
A Glimpse of Our Herbal Heritage

In your herbal practice, can you imagine regularly working ninety hours and more a week, having patients queuing down the street and round the block hours before your herbal surgery opened, seeing cases of smallpox, diphtheria, T.B., severe malnutrition, treating pneumonia at a time when the odds were heavily against survival? Illustrated by his rich documentary and film archive of herbal practice, Kevin will bring to life the colourful daily reality of a busy herbal practice in the East End of London in the1920’s and 1930’s, providing a fascinating, tangible and inspiring link to our medical herbalist ancestors.

Vilma Matuleviciute
Lesser Used Irish Herbs- Pharmacy at the doorstep

There are so many local Irish herbs, such as Prunella, Ribes, Potentilla or Polygonum among many others, which for whatever reason are not used as much among modern Irish herbalists, yet they are still popular herbal medicines in Central Europe. Vilma will explore traditional uses and will look into research on some of the local herbs. Can we reduce the air-miles and have even more sustainable herbal practices by incorporating more of the local Irish herbs growing at our doorsteps? Lets cast our eyes around us and bring some forgotten herbal gems into our herbal pharmacies.

Nikki Darrell
Airmid Brigid and the Elder; Re-instating the Feminine in our craft and our view of our plant allies

An investigation of our approach to healing, herbal medicine and the plants drawing on some of the strong female archetypes and exploring some local allies from this perspective. An exploration to reclaim some forgotten wisdom and to re-interpret some of our recent approaches.

Danny O’Rawe

One of the HerbFeast founders who stood down last year from an organisational role, has been invited back to speak at this year’s event. Danny has spent 30 years working with plants and plant medicines and his topic will be on the tacit appreciation of plant knowledge showing how ancient cultures can still inform modern practice; and importantly that the drift from traditional values into a more academic and scientifically-orientated approach may offer more risks than benefits by limiting the idea of what knowledge really is.

Programme 2016

HerbFeast Timetable


7pm Registration

7.30pm Opening circle in Conference room

8 – 10pm Social/Poster session/Stalls


830-930am Morning yoga with Sarah Fox /
Herb Walk with John Maher

930 – 10am Registration, tea

10-11.30 Lecture
Vilma Matuleviciute – Lesser Used Irish Herbs- Pharmacy at the doorstep

1130-1200 TEA

1200-1330 Lecture
Jane Wallwork-Gush – Botanicals, Quality & The Importance of Organoleptics

1330-1430 LUNCH

1430-1600 Lecture Lorna Mauney Brodek – Building Community Health through Herbalism

1600-1630 TEA

1630 – 1800 Lecture Danny O’Rawe


18150 – 1945 Dinner

1945 – 2045 Plenary – discussion on herbal topics with panel of lecturers

2045 onwards Herbal Jeopardy, music…


0900-1000 Morning yoga with Sarah Fox /
Herb Walk with Jo Goodyear

10-1130 Lecture Marie Reilly – Herbal and Nutritional approaches to the treatment of PCOS

1130-1200 TEA

1200-1330 Lecture Nikki Darrell – Airmid Brigid and the Elder; Re-instating the Feminine in our
craft and our view of our plant allies

1330-1430 LUNCH

1430-1600 Lecture Kevin Orbell-McSean – A Glimpse of Our Herbal Heritage

1600-1630 Closing circle

This is an extra event not included in the Herbfeast admission price.
10:00-16:00 The Teaching Rooms 6 Sidney Place Wellington Rd. Cork City

Herbal Foot Care for Hardworking Feet & Mobile Medicine
A full day intensive with Lorna Mauney Brodek

The day will broken down into 2 parts. One part with be an overview of the Herbal Foot Care service that Lorna and team lovingly deliver at The Harriet Tubman Free Foot Clinic in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The other part of the intensive will more deeply explore some topics from her Herbfeast presentation, including the running of mobile herbal clinics and other projects within the Herbalista Network.

for more info and how to sign up see:

or contact Chris@

(but for those who have already bought them here’s the menu)
Herbfeast Menu

Day 1: Italian Theme

Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Lasagna

Slow Cooked Thyme, Tomato and Baby Potato Salad, Olive Oil, Balsamic and Honey Dressing
Carrot, Fennel and Red Onion Slaw, Creamy Roast Garlic Dressing
Batavia, Roast Squash, Gorgonzola Salad, Soft Herb and Caper Vinaigrette

Day 2: Middle Eastern Theme

Slow Cooked Tagine of Sweet Potato, Chickpea and Apricots

Mezze-Cumin Roast Aubergines, Hummus, Marinated Olives, Mint and Cucumber Tzatziki
Toasted Barley, Lemon and Summer Herb Tabouleh
Spiced Cous Cous, Chargrilled Courgette, Tomato Red Onion and Almond
Pea, Lime and Mint Salad

Saturday Dinner
Tamil Vegetarian Feast
3 rice dishes: coconut rice, jeera rice, lemon tice
Curries: Aloo Gobi (Potato & Cauliflower), Muttar Paneer, Avial cabagge in yougurt
Green gram (lentil) salad with fresh carrots
Pompadams, Pickle, and Raita (yogurt salad)