Herbfeast Ireland

Ireland’s Annual Herbalist Festival

17th to 19th of May 2024


Annual Herbfeast


About Herbfeast 2024

We are looking forward to seeing you all at HERBFEAST 2024 from the 17th to 19th of May in the same venue – the beautiful Wells House, Co.Wexford. 
As always, we will have a full-on weekend, the structure will be the same as this year.
More information about the schedule and speakers to follow very soon! 

Car-pooling and lifts

If anybody has a space for their fellow attendees in the car and would like to have company and share some petrol costs, please let us know.  Lifts will be needed  from Gorey town especially, as some people will be getting public transport from all over the place, including Dublin airport, to Gorey town, Co.Wexford. It’s only about a 15min drive to the venue and about 20min to the Upton Court Hotel & Cottages form Gorey.
Generally, if you travel from North/North East – Gorey would suit better, and Wexford or New Ross, if getting public transport from the South/South East. 

HerbFeast Ireland

HerbFeast is an annual non-for-profit herbal festival, run for Herbalists by volunteer Herbalists from the Community of Irish Herbalists (CIH).

It is the largest annual Herbalist festival in Ireland featuring local and world renowned herbalists and speakers sharing knowledge from their passion and experiences. 

Over the weekend, herbalists nationwide, and beyond, gather, network and share their experience in connection with nature and the many modalities and specialities nested within the community. It is an opportunity to connect with other people sharing the same vision.

The festival is packed with talks and activities such as seminars, workshops, herb walks and much more. The location changes almost every year to reach all counties of Ireland, North and South, West and East. Either way, all herbalists are welcome!

HerbFeast is ran by the Community of Irish Herbalists (CIH).

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