Graeme Tobyn

Graeme2 Sept12


Has been in private practice as an herbalist in England for 25 years. His clinical experience includes working alongside doctors in the UK National Health Service and many years training and examining herbal students in clinical practice. Since 2000 he has worked as a senior lecturer in the School of Health, University of Central Lancashire. He is the author of Culpeper’s Medicine (1997/2013), co-author of The Western Herbal Tradition (2011) and contributor to the award-winning Critical Approaches to the History of Western Herbal Medicine (2014). He is currently writing up his doctoral thesis on herbal medicines in the Tudor and Stuart periods.

Graeme will speak on the following topic:

Culpeper on simples and compounds

Before he was ‘The English Physician’, Nicholas Culpeper had trained as an apothecary. Graeme Tobyn takes a look at the forms of the herbal medicines he recommended in both his herbal and in his translation of the London Pharmacopoeia, including ways of taking simples, the College of Physicians’ instructions for making up compound medicines and what Culpeper the apothecary thought of them.