Keith Robertson

Keith 2

Keith Robertson MSc (Herbal Medicine), FNIMH is a much respected visionary and pioneer of traditional energetic and contemplative approaches in professional herbal training in the UK. Keith originally trained at the School of Herbal Medicine in Kent. Upon gaining membership of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists he was elected to the Council and served as Student Liaison Officer, before standing down in order to establish the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine in Glasgow in 1992. He then ran the School for the next 18 years training to BSc (Hons) and MSc level. In recognition of this, as well as his work with the NIMH and EHPTA Accreditation Boards, he was awarded a Fellowship of the National Institute in 2004 in acknowledgement of his services to herbal education. He has been in practice since 1989.
He is also an experienced organic gardener having worked on the land for over 3 decades and is involved in researching Stock Free Growing on his farm on the Isle of Arran for the Vegan Organic Network. He believes firmly in an interactive learning environment and considers that any teaching on plants should have the plants themselves present, so any teaching will involve direct experience with the plants discussed. He is inspired in this by a contemplative and experiential approach first suggested by the German polymath Goethe and developed over the years by the team at SSHM. He currently runs a Herbal Correspondence and Apprenticeship Course from Arran and lectures widely round the world, most recently in Canada, France and Spain. For more info see here.